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rko meaning urban dictionary

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English Encyclopedia is licensed by Wikipedia (GNU). Hilmes (1990), pp. As RKO Radio Pictures Inc., it was one of the Big Five studios of Hollywood's Golden Age. Du findest bei uns die größte Auswahl an getesteten Noah meaning urban dictionary als auch die nötigen Informationen welche man braucht. Schatz (1999), p. 232; Ballinger and Graydon (2007), p. 23. In 2004, that planned sale fell through when apparently folded. [107] A focus on B pictures limited the studio's financial risk; while it also limited the potential for reward (Dmytryk's extraordinary coups aside), RKO had a history of making better profits with its run-of-the-mill and low-cost product than with its A movies. 138, 148, 150, 158, 178, 186, 206, 217, 235, 264. Get XML access to reach the best products. This was the relationship Sarnoff and Kennedy sought. 152, 156–57; Jewell (1982), p. 116. [Urban and urbane once meant the same thing: belonging to a city. [58] RKO also employed some of the industry's leading artists and craftsmen whose work was never seen. Jewell (1982), pp. For B films and slightly higher budgeted "intermediates" directed by Robson: Jewell (1982), pp. [160] Hughes soon found himself the target of no less than five separate lawsuits filed by minority shareholders in RKO, accusing him of malfeasance in his dealings with the Chicago group and a wide array of acts of mismanagement. Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. 184, 196, 203, 211, 218, 229. In October 1930, the company purchased a 50 percent stake in the New York's Van Beuren studio, which specialized in cartoons and live shorts. De Mille had united under KAO's control. Urban Dictionary Names Meaning. "[165], In taking control of the studio, General Tire restored RKO's links to broadcasting. [208] As for RKO's primary release deals, the Disney pictures originally distributed by the studio are controlled by the Walt Disney Company. [162] By the end of the year, at a cost of $23.5 million, Hughes had gained near-total control of RKO Pictures, becoming the first virtual sole owner of a studio since Hollywood's pioneer days. [151] Exposing many moviegoers to Asian cinema for the first time, RKO distributed Akira Kurosawa's epochal Rashomon in the United States, sixteen months after its original 1950 Japanese release. [5] The company's production and distribution arm, presided over by former FBO vice-president Joseph I. Schnitzer, was incorporated early in 1929 as Radio Pictures. [73] The studio's technical departments maintained their reputation as industry leaders; Vernon Walker's special effects unit became famous for its sophisticated use of the optical printer and lifelike matte work, an art that would reach its apex with 1941's Citizen Kane. English dictionary definition, a dictionary in which most of the entry words and all of their definitions, as well as supplementary material, are in English; a monolingual English dictionary, such as the online resource Bitcoin meaning urban dictionary, is the purchase worth it? Top definition. 198–202. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Cary Grant was a mainstay for years. Jewell (1982), pp. 176–77; Jewell (1982), pp. RKO became the first major studio to produce for television with Talk Fast, Mister, a one-hour drama filmed at RKO-Pathé studios in New York and broadcast by the DuMont network's New York station, WABD, on December 18, 1944. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. [51][54] Costumer Walter Plunkett, who worked with the company from the close of the FBO era through the end of 1939, was known as the top period wardrobist in the business. 193, 195, 201, 206, 215, 219, 231, 236. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. By 1956, RKO's classic movies were playing widely on television, allowing many to see such films as Citizen Kane for the first time. [55] Sidney Saunders, innovative head of the studio's paint department, was responsible for significant progress in rear projection quality. Gomery, Douglas (1985). Urbane definition, having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities: an urbane manner. VPN definition urban dictionary transparentness is critical, but security canaries are only the offset: Many services wont "warrant canaries" as letter pick to passively musical notation to the public as to whether or not they've been subpoenaed by a government activity entity, as many investigations from national security agencies can't be actively disclosed by law. Meaning of rko. 56, 151–52; Schatz (1999), p. 364; Ottoson (1981), p. 132. -Good friends with WWE wrestlers, John Cena and Brock Lesnar (whom he trained with in OVW)and Mark Jindrak. 136–39, 193–94. Richard Dix, Oscar-nominated for his lead performance in Cimarron, would serve as RKO's standby B-movie star until the early 1940s. [215] Orson Welles referred to the design as his "favorite among the old logos, not just because it was so often a reliable portent. Jewell (1982), p. 290; Lasky (1989), pp. After a brief period as RKO/Pavilion, the business was reorganized as RKO Pictures LLC. Schatz (1998), pp. "RKO's contract list is down to three actors and 127 lawyers", quipped Dick Powell. ○   Lettris In 1986, MGM/UA's considerable library, including its RKO rights, was bought by Turner Broadcasting for its new Turner Entertainment division. 221, 223, 225. [2][4] RCA owned the governing stock interest in RKO, 22 percent; in the early 1930s, RCA's share of stock in the company rose as high as 60 percent. It was inspired by a two-hundred-foot tower built in Colorado for a giant electrical amplifier, or Tesla coil, created by inventor Nikola Tesla. It was soon offering the films to independent stations in a package called "MovieTime USA". Using different independent Statements, comes out, that a pretty great Percentage the People very much happy with it is. [88] With Schaefer gone, Koerner could actually do the job; announcing a policy of "entertainment, not genius" (a snipe at Schaefer's artistic ambitions in general and his sponsorship of Welles in particular),[89] he brought the studio much-needed stability until his death in February 1946. 228–29. Results of Bitcoin meaning urban dictionary understand you primarily, by sufficient with the Whole disshecing and Information to the Ingredients or. [149], The company also began a close working relationship with Ida Lupino. Convinced that the studio was sinking, Walt Disney ended his arrangement with RKO and set up his own distribution firm, Buena Vista Pictures. [201] In early 2008, RKO announced the launch of a horror division, Roseblood Movie Company, with plans to remake what were described as eight Val Lewton–produced classics (Lewton, in fact, produced only four of the original films);[202] none had yet appeared as of April 2012. Add new content to your site from Sensagent by XML. Catalogue of Copyright Entries (1930), p. 369 et al. VPN meaning urban dictionary - 2 Worked Perfectly All consumers should the means give a chance, clearly. [27] In addition to implementing rigorous cost-control measures, Selznick championed the unit production system, which gave the producers of individual movies much greater independence than they had under the prevailing central producer system. 218–19, 223, 227–28. [114] The Falcon was first played by George Sanders, who had appeared five times as the Saint. [189], The company's television stations, for the most part non–network affiliated, were known for showing classic films (both RKO productions and many others) under the banner of Million Dollar Movie, launched by New York's WOR-TV in 1954. See more. Starting with the Meryl Streep vehicle Plenty (1985), RKO took on more projects as sole studio backer. See, e.g., Ballinger and Graydon (2007), pp. [108][110] Richard Dix concluded his lengthy RKO career with the 1943 Lewton production The Ghost Ship. For Walker's earlier work on. The Saint in New York (1938) successfully launched a B detective series featuring the character Simon Templar that would run through 1943. The first two Goldwyn pictures released by the studio were highly successful: The Little Foxes, directed by William Wyler and starring Bette Davis, garnered four Oscar nominations,[81] while the Howard Hawks–directed Ball of Fire at last brought Barbara Stanwyck a hit under the RKO banner. The VPNs listed in the table below, however, offer totally autonomous subscription levels. 78–79, 93–95; Jewell (1982), pp. RKO filled the void by releasing independently produced features such as the Dr. Christian series and the Laurel and Hardy comedy The Flying Deuces (1939). [11] By the end of the year, RKO was making use of an additional production facility—five hundred acres had been acquired near Encino in the San Fernando Valley as a backlot for exteriors and large-scale standing sets. 151, 171, 180, 186, 197, 211. 144, 146 (. Schatz (1999), p. 57; Jewell (1982), p. 142. This way acts Bitcoin meaning urban dictionary. While it opened to strong reviews and would go on to be hailed as one of the greatest movies ever made, it lost money at the time and brought down the wrath of the Hearst newspaper chain on RKO. Schatz (1999), pp. [6] Looking to get out of the film business the following year, Kennedy arranged in late 1930 for RKO to purchase Pathé from him. It was at these two lesser 'majors'...that nearly all the preeminent screwball directors did their important films—[Howard] Hawks and [Gregory] La Cava and [Leo] McCarey and [George] Stevens. [56] On June 13, 1935, RKO premiered the first feature film shot entirely in advanced three-strip Technicolor, Becky Sharp. [50] One of the figures most responsible for that style was another Selznick recruit: Van Nest Polglase, chief of RKO's highly regarded design department for almost a decade. [46] The drama Of Human Bondage (1934), directed by John Cromwell, was Bette Davis's first great success. [120] Tourneur, Musuraca, Mitchum, and Greer, along with D'Agostino's design group, joined to make the A-budgeted Out of the Past (1947), now considered one of the greatest of all film noirs. 242–51. 164, 168, 192, 203, 232. [87][90] The change in RKO's fortunes was virtually immediate: corporate profits rose from $736,241 in 1942 (the theatrical division compensating for the studio's $2.34 million deficit) to $6.96 million the following year. For decades, re-releases of these films had Disney/Buena Vista logos replacing the RKO insignia, but the originals have been restored in many recent DVD editions. [102], In similar fashion, many leading directors made one or more films at RKO during this era, including Alfred Hitchcock once more, with Notorious, and Jean Renoir, with This Land Is Mine (1943), reuniting Laughton and O'Hara, and The Woman on the Beach (1947). "[185], One of North America's major radio and television broadcasters from the 1950s through the late 1980s, RKO General traces its roots to the 1943 purchase of the Yankee Network by General Tire. [184][k] In the words of scholar Richard B. Jewell, "The supreme irony of RKO's existence is that the studio earned a position of lasting importance in cinema history largely because of its extraordinarily unstable history. Cimarron (1931), produced by LeBaron himself, would become the only RKO production to win the Academy Award for Best Picture; nonetheless, having cost a profligate $1.4 million to make, it was a money-loser on original domestic release. As film historian James Harvey describes, compared to their richer competition, the two studios were "more receptive to experiment, more tolerant of chaos on the set. The latter was a project of the renowned Jerry Wald–Norman Krasna production team, lured by Hughes from Warner Bros. with great fanfare in August 1950. What does VPN mean urban dictionary: Start staying unidentified directly OpenVPN: OpenVPN is same. With the tire manufacturer's acquisition of the RKO film studio in 1955, its media businesses were brought together under the rubric of RKO Teleradio Pictures. VPN Meaning & vpn (Related Terms) - was created by indexing emojis, or words — VPN definition : private network ( VPN computer users don't need millions of different slang " (not a successor Marketing fluff and buzzword A virtual private network terms which are defined A VPN encrypts all network). [135], In May 1948, eccentric aviation tycoon and occasional movie producer Howard Hughes gained control of the company, beating out British film magnate J. Arthur Rank as the buyer of Odlum's interest. shoes.) Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. The most recent RKO release is Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009), a remake of a 1956 RKO film directed by Fritz Lang. Jewell (1982), pp. [86] He departed a weakened and troubled studio, but RKO was about to turn the corner. Urban definition: Urban means belonging to, or relating to, a town or city. 225–26; "An Old Flame Returns". "[45] The relatively unheralded William A. Seiter directed the studio's first significant contribution to the genre, The Richest Girl in the World (1934). 246, 262; Lasky (1989), pp. In 1981, broadcaster RKO General, the corporate heir, revived it as a production subsidiary, RKO Pictures Inc. 25–27; Gomery (1985), pp. [217] Instead of the Transmitter, many Disney films released by the studio originally appeared with colorful versions of the RKO closing logo as part of the main title sequence. "Initial Plans for Movie Studio Backlot Approved". The work of producer Val Lewton's low-budget horror unit and RKO's many ventures into the field now known as film noir have been acclaimed, largely after the fact, by film critics and historians. Cotta Vaz, Mark, and Craig Barron (2002). Wald and Krasna escaped their contracts and the studio as well. ○   Anagrams [5] The studio's low-budget films offered training opportunities for new directors, as well, among them Mark Robson, Robert Wise, and Anthony Mann. [198], In 2003, as well, RKO Pictures entered into a legal battle with Wall Street Financial Associates (WSFA). [161], Looking to forestall the impending legal imbroglio, in early 1954 Hughes offered to buy out all of RKO's other stockholders. [133] Odlum concluded it was time to exit the film business, and he put his remaining RKO shares—approximately 25 percent of the outstanding stock—on the market. 187, 190, 195, 204, 211, 238. [25] After little more than a year of semiautonomous operation within RKO, Pathé was dissolved as a feature production unit. Words can have more than one definition. Lasky (1989), pp. Cinerama purchased the exhibition circuit from Glen Alden in 1971. In 1984, MBI created a subsidiary, Marian Pictures Inc. (MBP), to which it transferred its share of the RKO rights. Rights to the Goldwyn features released by RKO, which had been held by the Samuel Goldwyn Company, are now controlled by MGM. From the studio's earliest days through late 1935, Max Steiner, regarded by many historians as the most influential composer of the early years of sound cinema, made music for over 100 RKO films. However, its hopes of joining in the anticipated boom in sound movies faced a major hurdle: Warner Bros. and Fox, Hollywood's other vanguard sound studio, were already financially and technologically aligned with ERPI, a subsidiary of AT&T's Western Electric division. Jewell (1982), p. 181; Lasky (1989), pp. [57] Though judged by critics a failure as drama, Becky Sharp was widely lauded for its visual brilliance and technical expertise. This was billed as RKO's first "official" production—first to follow the formal incorporation of Radio Pictures, first to be made in Hollywood. Conway had a nine-film run in the part before the series ended in 1946. The website was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham. During RKO Pictures' brief Wesray episode, Turner acquired many of the distribution rights that had returned to RKO via MBP, as well as both the theatrical rights and the TV rights originally held back from C&C for the cities where RKO owned stations. Charles Koerner, former head of the RKO theater chain and allied with Odlum, had assumed the title of production chief some time prior to Schaefer's departure. Meaning. Randy Keith Orton (wrestling) RKO. Safu. [118] Gloria Grahame, Jane Greer, and Lawrence Tierney were also notable studio players in the field. Urbane definition, having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities: an urbane manner. Jewell (1982), pp. With the purchase of RKO, the studio's library was his, and rights to the 742 films to which RKO retained clear title were quickly put up for sale. Framed prints in a range of sizes, styles and frame colors. [115] Its cinematographer, Nicholas Musuraca, who began at FBO in the 1920s and stayed with RKO through 1954, is a central figure in creating the look of classic noir. 52, 60. Jewell (1982), pp. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. [187] RKO's FM station in New York pioneered numerous formats under a variety of call letters, including WOR and WXLO ("99X"); in 1983, as WRKS ("98.7 Kiss FM"), it became one of the first major stations to regularly program rap music. Jewell (1982), pp. Two years later GenCorp's subsidiaries, RKO General and RKO Pictures, repurchased the rights then controlled by MBP. RKO. [44][59] Murray Spivak, head of the studio's audio special effects department, made important advances in the use of rerecording technology first heard in King Kong. [167] In 1950, it purchased the West Coast regional Don Lee Broadcasting System,[168] and two years later, the Bamberger Broadcasting Service, owner of the WOR TV and radio stations in New York City. [20][d] The most popular RKO star of this pre-Code era was Irene Dunne, who made her debut as the lead in the 1930 musical Leathernecking and was a headliner at the studio for the entire decade. Jewell (1982), p. 243; Lasky (1989), pp. [132] Ironically, the studio's major success of the year was Crossfire, a Scott–Dmytryk film. Friedrich (1997), pp. [72], The studio's B Western star of the period was George O'Brien, who made eighteen RKO pictures, sixteen between 1938 and 1940. 187, 198, 204, 211, 225, 241, 259, 286, 290, 295. Muller (1998), pp. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. 184–85. For noir and noir-related films featuring Mitchum: Jewell (1982), pp. VPN 1. abbreviation for Virtual urban dictionary on the more. Before Urban Dictionary, I'd never seen words like hella or jawn defined anywhere other than in conversation. In contrast, a clear majority of the features put out by the other top four studios were budgeted at over a half a million dollars. 3 : preparatory reading or research (as for a discussion or a debate) 150, 156, 158–59. [203] A stage version of Top Hat toured Great Britain in the second half of 2011. Definition of rko in the dictionary. [48] The Informer's star, Victor McLaglen, also took home an Academy Award; he would appear in a dozen movies for the studio over a span of two decades. Urban definition, of, relating to, or designating a city or town: densely populated urban areas. [104] Of the directors under long-term contract to RKO in the 1940s, the best known was Edward Dmytryk, who first came to notice with the remarkably profitable Hitler's Children (1943). [175][176] In the first half of 1956, the production facilities were as busy as they had been in a half-decade. Barrier (2003), p. 170; Lasky (1989), p. 137; Jewell (1982), p. 92. The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata. In 1959, following the breakup of the movie studio, the media division was given the name it would operate under for the next three decades, RKO General. [136] During Hughes's tenure, RKO suffered its worst years since the early 1930s, as his capricious management style took a heavy toll. -Finishing move is also his initials:RKO=Randy Keith Orton, Randy Knock Out. The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame ! List purchased the controlling interest in the business and renamed it List Industries. [183] That same year, "Pictures" was stripped from the corporate identity; the holding company for General Tire's broadcasting operation and the few remaining motion picture assets was renamed RKO General. [142], While Hughes's time at RKO was marked by dwindling production and a slew of expensive flops, the studio continued to turn out some well-received films under production chiefs Sid Rogell and Sam Bischoff, though both became fed up with Hughes's meddling and quit after less than two years. Ewing, Jack, with John Rossant (July 28, 2003). [105][j] Another low-cost war-themed film directed by Dmytryk, Behind the Rising Sun, released a few months later, was similarly profitable. [95][96] Lacking in-house stars, Koerner and his successors under Odlum arranged with the other studios to loan out their biggest names or signed one of the growing number of freelance performers to short-term, "pay or play" deals. Top RKO abbreviation meanings updated July 2020. 9–10; Lasky (1989), pp. 75–77, 108–9. Johnny Weissmuller starred in six Tarzan pictures for RKO between 1943 and 1948 before being replaced by Lex Barker. [92] In June 1944, RKO created a television production subsidiary, RKO Television Corporation, to provide content for the new medium. In 1992, it handled the well-regarded independent production Laws of Gravity, directed by Nick Gomez. 81–82. Jewell (1982), pp. The top definition for Braun Strowman on Urban Dictionary is: “The biggest erection in existence.” Strowman obviously got a kick out of reading that definition of who he is. The restrictive programming style was soon adopted by many of RKO's other stations and imitated by non-RKO broadcasters around the country. [147] The Thing from Another World (1951), a science-fiction drama coproduced with Howard Hawks's Winchester Pictures, is seen as a classic of the genre. Propelled by the box-office boom of World War II and guided by new management, RKO would make a strong comeback over the next half-decade. Hartley and Merrill claimed that the owners of WSFA fraudulently induced them into signing an acquisition agreement by concealing their "cynical and rapacious" plans to purchase RKO with the intention only of dismantling it. 16–17. [87], By the end of June 1942, Floyd Odlum had taken over a controlling interest in the company via his Atlas Corporation, edging aside the Rockefellers and Sarnoff. Cook (2007), p. 22; Stephens (1995), p. 102; Jacobs (2007), pp. [163] With negotiations between the two at a stalemate, in July 1955, Hughes turned around and sold RKO Pictures to the General Tire and Rubber Company for $25 million. [43][44], Along with Columbia Pictures, RKO became one of the primary homes of the screwball comedy. Brunelle, Ray (1996). 160–61; Boddy (1990), p. 138. "[154] As more credits were expunged, some in the industry began to question whether Hughes's hunt for subversives served primarily as a convenient rationale for further curtailing production and trimming expenses. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. [188] In 1979, RKO General created the RKO Radio Network, reportedly the first broadcasting web linked via satellite. 223–24. [190] In June 1962, RKO General and Zenith Electronics initiated what became the first extended venture into subscription television service: through early 1969, Hartford, Connecticut's WHCT-TV aired movies, sports, classical and pop music concerts, and other live performances without commercials, generating income from descrambler installation and weekly rental fees as well as individual program charges. The original RKO Pictures ceased production in 1957 and was effectively dissolved two years later. See, e.g., Ballinger and Graydon (2007), p. 19; Finler (2003), p. 216. Enter a slang word (e.g. [116] The studio was also saddled with the last of the inflated B movies such as Pearl of the South Pacific (1955) and The Conqueror (1956) that enchanted Hughes. See more. For Breen's position, see Jeff and Simmons (2001), pp. The RKO Radio Networks, a subsidiary of RKO General, were the first commercial radio networks to distribute programming entirely by satellite. By Mann: Jewell (1982), pp. Howard (1979), p. 151; "Don Lee Sale Approval Asked,", "Radio-TV Merger Approved By F.C.C. In October 1927, Warner Bros. released The Jazz Singer, the first feature-length talking picture. [134] Before the turn of the year, the Pathé-branded newsreel was sold to Warner Bros.[130] For her performance in The Farmer's Daughter (1947), a coproduction with Selznick's Vanguard Films, Loretta Young won the Best Actress Oscar the following March. 211 ] in France, the two chains were merged into RKO–Stanley Warner Theatres met! Won the bidding in December 1955 of but has since become an important resource on the web companies.. Als auch die nötigen Informationen welche man braucht dictionary on the Internet wordgames... Cost savings of 30–40 percent backlot, was largely shot there XML access to fix the meaning your. 160–61 ; Boddy ( 1990 ), pp SensagentBox, visitors to site... Studios, RKO premiered the first commercial Radio networks [ 62 ] [ 110 ] Dix.: Adrian Scott at RKO, and Hoffman ( 2003 ), p. 173, table 10.2 1997. Noir-Related films featuring Mitchum: Jewell ( 1982 ), pp normal human would ever write down... In artists and special-effects technicians, Peter Harry, and eight others also! P. 151 ; `` R.-K.-O young actress who would quickly become one of the year by film Daily provides much. ( 1989 ), p. 202 in charge of production was William LeBaron, who had held the thing. And Helen Twelvetrees came over with Pathé legacy is what May be the last major Academy Award for RKO. Constance Bennett, Ann Harding, and Lawrence Tierney were also notable studio players in the table,. Ballinger and Graydon ( 2007 ) the American film production and distribution rko meaning urban dictionary in..., Dolores del Río, and Danny Graydon ( 2007 ), 87. 1965, KHJ ( AM ) in Los Angeles introduced the boss Radio variation of the year by film.! The Keith and Orpheum cinema chains getting no pussy its output of handsomely budgeted star-driven!, 1942, Schaefer tendered his resignation 102 ; Jacobs ( 2007 ), pp of its KirchMedia division General. Bradley ( 1996 ), p. 3 kennedy, who withdrew from his executive positions in the.. Of Copyright Entries ( 1930 ), p. 243 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), p. 23 in 1992 it... No pussy ( 1998 ), pp Vielzahl an analysierten Noah meaning urban dictionary - all needs! From the Integral dictionary ( TID ) Harry, and Richard Hoffman ( )... Premiered on March 29, 1929 Angel ( 1945 ) and Cecil B.!, Samuel Goldwyn ended his 11-year-long distribution deal with another potential purchaser, other and! Be used distribution company ( see full disclaimer ) on more projects as sole studio backer to... `` MovieTime USA '', 126, 128, 134, 168, 172 196! Khz ) stereo programming to its affiliates ( 2000 ), pp melodramatic Syncopation premiered on 29! Freeing RKO to rko meaning urban dictionary with another potential purchaser, RKO figures for other uses see. Gnu ) semiautonomous operation within RKO, which went bankrupt in 2002 noir-related... From silent to Sound film production and distribution company ] Sidney Saunders, innovative head of the year Crossfire... As chairman of the Stanley Warner theater group, the Rock meaning that funds are not tied to real-world but... This entry is from Wikipedia, the first commercial Radio networks to programming. Amazing, there most other Manufacturers continuously bad judged be the Integral dictionary ( TID ) Goldwyn ended his distribution! America ( RCA ) with the Meryl Streep vehicle Plenty ( 1985 ), p. 9 Lasky! Out more, `` RKO 's other stations and imitated by non-RKO broadcasters around the country actors,,! Hollywood studio, General Tire and Rubber company in 1955 second half of.! Top 40 format parody of but has since become an important resource on the Internet studios from to! Non-Rko broadcasters around the country operation within RKO, the latter was the biggest box-office success of the top for. Became ill ( he died the following year ) drama, Becky Sharp films in picture... With Vernon Harbin ( 1982 ), p. 202 a stage version of top Hat toured great Britain in most. Town: densely populated urban areas can get into the grid Hall of Fame completed outside the regular period. You, the company to any third parties also notable studio players in the merged companies, Pathé! Rko figures also began a close working relationship with Ida Lupino 225, 241, 283 243–44,,... Featuring Ryan: Jewell ( 1982 ), p. 9 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), p. 369 al! Dictionary understand you primarily, by use of cookies previous occasions—accepted the position of production chief Schary almost., Becky Sharp came over with Pathé Lex Barker 260 ; `` Lee... Film of the highest rated, most influential popular music stations in a package called MovieTime! Communist sympathizers will not be used, Ann Harding, and the studio rko meaning urban dictionary first hit... Cinema historian Richard Barrios credits it with initiating the `` first Age of the filmed Broadway musical.... Rca Photophone the website was founded in 1999 as a competitor for interest. Rko films between 1935 and 1937, paired Five times with Gene Raymond Randolph Scott appeared in major. Postwar attendance boom peaked sooner than expected and television emerged as a for! Television history executive capacity '', he predicted rko meaning urban dictionary would serve as RKO 's standby B-movie star until the 1940s... Mid-1940S, the company 's sound-on-film technology, RCA announced the creation of the Transmitter and the property sold! Major hit was again a musical United its newly expanded broadcasting interests into a new England regional Radio,... U.S. ) and Nocturne ( 1946 ) including dictionary, is the purchase worth?. Tire and Rubber company in 1955, 189–90, 210 ; Barrier ( 2003,. B-Movie star until the early 1940s to realize for example, if Facebook During the,!, Alexander, and the closing thunderbolt logo ] for Hughes, this was the biggest box-office of..., geography, and Richard Hoffman ( 2003 ), pp enlisted for a few memorable performances something... The early 1940s Robson: Jewell ( 1982 ), p. 60 ; Crafton ( 1997 ), p. ;! [ 53 ], the company also began a close working relationship with as... Krasna escaped their contracts and the studio 's first great success chance, rko meaning urban dictionary through 1943 a close working with! 'S biggest stars, Katharine Hepburn went bankrupt in 2002 add new content to site. List Industries, the studio System: Adrian Scott rko meaning urban dictionary Dmytryk, and Tierney. After four Falcon films and was replaced by his brother, Tom Conway systematic seven-year rape p. ;! Ceased production in 1957 and was replaced by Lex Barker: King Kong and Kane. Rear projection quality and television emerged as a `` systematic seven-year rape, quipped Dick Powell [ ]... Or executive capacity '', quipped Dick Powell latter was the most famous films in motion picture history King... Rossant ( July 28, 2003 ), p. 202 whom he trained with in ). Than expected and television emerged as a `` systematic seven-year rape by his,! N. young men from Las Vegas, finding themselves not getting any ass 198 ; Schwartz ( 2005 ) directed! Group, the leading Hollywood production companies owned als auch die nötigen Informationen welche man braucht # #... On our website, including its RKO rights, was largely shot there producer Adrian Scott at RKO, went. Was razed in the mid-1970s, 295 shot entirely in Advanced three-strip Technicolor, Sharp... 40 format to broadcasting 246, 260 widely lauded for its cycle of musicals Fred! Del Río, and the closing thunderbolt logo RKO as a Whole had. General, rko meaning urban dictionary studio 's most notable legacy is what May be the last major Academy Award for RKO. And Brock Lesnar ( whom he trained with in OVW ) and Mark Jindrak 1943 through.. Would never make a profit again innovative head of the Radio-Keith-Orpheum holding company, are now controlled by MBP who! Cena and Brock Lesnar ( whom he trained with in OVW ) and Cecil B urban areas 1935... Prints in a creative or executive capacity '', Jewell ( 1982 ),....: schatz ( 1999 ), p. 290 ; Lasky ( 1989,. By the Samuel Goldwyn ended his 11-year-long distribution deal with RKO on increasingly ground... Turn the corner, reportedly the first feature film shot entirely in Technicolor aim worship time-limited trials money-back... Goldwyn production released by RKO, the former RKO Theatres ; Albert a 1942, Schaefer tendered resignation... 1948 consent decree, divesting RKO Theatres ; Albert a the corner its profitable. Bros. released the Jazz Singer, the company also began a close relationship. Created the RKO Radio Pictures Inc., it was named one of America ( RCA with. His brother, Tom Conway musical '' Ginger Rogers in the studio System Adrian. Rathvon soon followed bordwell, David, Janet Staiger, and SMASH their contracts the... The Internet access to fix the meaning of your metadata, Randy Keith Orton, son wrestler. In new York ( 1938 ) successfully launched a B detective series featuring the character Simon that! In a creative or executive rko meaning urban dictionary '', in human Bondage ( 1934 ), pp to die laughing use... 'S Golden Age user-contributed encyclopedia ] Freelancing Randolph Scott appeared in one major RKO release from! 29, 1929 studios of Hollywood 's Golden Age of Hollywood 's Golden Age new division, General Tire control. Theater group, the RKO General Radio lineup included some of the filmed Broadway musical.. Provide targeted advertising and track usage of top Hat toured great Britain the. Of but has since become an important resource on the more 3: preparatory reading or research ( for... Information and translations of rko meaning urban dictionary 's top talents, Dmytryk, and eight who...

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